Painter & Ceramicist


Selected Group


Solo Exhibitions


2018 ‘In League with the Highway’ Toowoomba Regional Gallery (Solo show)

2018 ‘Tricksters’ USQ Gallery (Group show)

2018 As Above’ Crow’s Nest Regional Gallery (Group Show)

2018 ‘Bodega – (More Fun)’ (with Ian McCallum) RVCA Corner Gallery, Melbourne

2018 ‘Portals and Parables’ (with Catherine Parker) Airspace Projects, Sydney

2017 ‘Green Paintings in July’ (Solo show) Alexandra Lawson Gallery, Toowoomba

2017 ‘Disco Show’ (Group show) Raygun Lab, Toowoomba

2016 ‘Fastplant’ (Group show) Kontraband Studios, Toowoomba

2016 ‘Bodega- A Fun Place’ (collaboration with Ian McCallum) Alexandra Lawson Gallery

2016 ‘The Phantom Show’ (Group show) Toowoomba Regional Gallery, Toowoomba

2016 ‘Above and Below’ (Group show) Graydon Gallery, Brisbane

 2015 ‘Crawling Through a Summer Night…’ (Solo show) No Comply Gallery, Toowoomba

2015 ‘Hold Still My Darling Condamine’ (Solo show) Dogwood Crossing Gallery, Miles

2015 ‘Versus’ (Group show), No Comply Gallery, Toowoomba

2014 ‘I See a Darkness…’ (Group show), Graydon Gallery, New Farm, Brisbane

2014 ‘Habitat’ (Group show), Dogwood Crossing Gallery, Qld

2014 ‘Places we leave behind….’ (Solo show), No Comply, Toowoomba

2014 ‘Group the Children…’ (‘Endless Waking’) Gallery LA, (Group show) Brisbane, Australia

2014 ‘First and Last’ MARS art space, (Group show) Toowoomba

2014 ‘Fastplant’ Skateboard (Group show), No Comply Gallery, Toowoomba

2013 ‘Wanderlust’ (Group show), Landscapes St Vincent’s Hospital, Toowoomba

2013 ‘Soul Kitchen’ – (Solo show), Raygun Lab, Toowoomba

2012 ‘Bombing the lotus…..’ (with Stephen Spurrier) Raygun Lab, Toowoomba

2012 ‘Harlaxton Quarries… (from the Blue Mountains Hotel)’ series… (Solo show) Red Door Gallery, USQ, Toowoomba

2012   ‘Art Journal Project’ – (Group show), Made Gallery, ‘BlockWork’ Gallery, Toowoomba

2011    ‘Wunder Kampf ‘(This is Big Head…), (Solo show), exploring the many secret languages of vinyl…. USQ Gallery, Toowoomba

2011    ‘Into the Realms of Madness’ – (Collaboration with Stephen Spurrier), Made Gallery, Toowoomba

2011   ‘Stations of the Cross’ – (Group show), St Ives Uniting Church, Sydney, Australia

2010   ‘On the Larapinta’ (Group show), Doggett St, Brisbane

2010   ‘You Do Bad Things to Me…’ (Solo show), Attic Space, Toowoomba

2009    ‘Currumbin Valley Suite’ (Solo show), Doggett St, Brisbane

2008     ‘On the Heysen Trail part II, (Solo show) Doggett St, Brisbane

2008     ‘On the Heysen Trail’, (Group show) S.H Ervin Gallery, Sydney, Australia

2007     ‘Tasmania in the Company of Some major Blow-Ins’, (Solo show) Doggett St,.                                                              

2007      ‘Devils in Paradise part II….’ (Group show) Damien Minton Gallery, Sydney, Australia

2007      ‘Devils in Paradise….’ (Group show) Dick Bett Gallery, Hobart, Australia

2006      ‘Robot Fetish’, (Solo show) Doggett St, Brisbane

2005     ‘Moreness…’ (Solo show) Doggett St, Brisbane

2004     ‘I’m All Ears…’ (Solo show) Doggett St, Brisbane

2003     ‘Tricks of the Night…’ (Solo show) Doggett St, Brisbane

2002     ‘The Brown Town Paintings’ (Solo show) Doggett St, Brisbane

2001     ‘Death (the Last Taboo…)’ (Group show) Australian Museum, Sydney




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